Post by Anthony J Sargeant:

Anthony J Sargeant Tony went to the London County Council Elfrida Primary School on the Bellingham Council Estate in South London from 1949-1955.
This is an aerial view of the school.

Most of the junior school classrooms face Elfrida Crescent where the cars are parked. The infants school (the red roofed building at the top with its playground to the right) was accessed by a separate entrance in Elfrida Crescent at the extreme left of the complex. The Infants School was mixed but the junior school was separate for boys and girls. Hence the building looks like a mirror image with boys on the left and girls on the right with of course separate playgrounds and everything duplicated. In the middle are the two parallel school halls going back into the playgrounds and in front of those is the central tower with the school bell and separate staffrooms, and headmaster and headmistress offices. There were inconnecting double doors between the girls and boys schools but we almost never went through them. The only occasions I remember was in the final year, aged eleven'ish, when we had a school dancing team and we did some scottish country dancing under instruction from one of the girls' teachers in their school hall. Memorable also because it was the only time I was caned during my school career – along with the rest of the children in the team, for messing about in the school hall before the mistress arrived – throwing bean bags around which had been left in the hall after a PE lesson.



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