If I sin and immediately die, will I lose my salvation?


Answer by Anthony Sargeant:

It may be flippant but to quote from Schiller (I think) "God will forgive me that is what he does for a living".

However more seriously and more important for modern women and men is to understand and accept that when you die you die. There is no hereafter – 'out there' or 'up there' – heaven, hell, and limbo, purgatory and all the rest are human constructs necessary to give meaning, consolation, and social control to human societies. In passing such constructs also help to ensure the survival of the gene – the specific tribal gene that is (see e.g. Richard Dawkins).

Perhaps we need the poet to enshrine the truth (in this case Sacherevell Sitwell – Agamemnon's Tomb)

There's nothing, nothing, nothing, not a breath beyond …..
The heart is not a clock,
                       it will not wind again,
The dead are but dead,
                      there is no use for them,
They neither care, nor care not,
                      they are only dead.

If I sin and immediately die, will I lose my salvation?


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