Roses are red, Violets are blueish,


Roses are red
violets are bluish
if it wasn’t for Christmas 
we ‘d all be Jewish

It is a common misconception that Jesus of Nazareth ‘founded’ a new religion – ‘Christianity’. 
Hence the above rhyme!

Jesus of Nazareth was of course a Jew practicing the Jewish faith and his disciples were also Jewish.

Of the four Gospels, there are no birth stories in the earliest which is designated ‘Mark’s Gospel’ (written around 65 AD – that is at least 30 years after the death of Jesus ).

It is not until the even later Gospels of Matthew and Luke that (“Christmas”) birth stories appear. These were written to include a confirmation of the Divinity of Jesus (the virgin birth was a common theme in the Greco-Roman world of Gods).

Note: The Gospels of Luke and Matthew were written between 80-100 AD at a time when the sect of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth were splitting or had split from mainstream Judaism (insofar as one can talk about ‘mainstream’). Consequently the unknown writers of these Gospels would have felt compelled to confirm the validity of their beliefs by reference to the idea of a virgin birth – hence the nativity stories.

So indeed 
“if it wasn’t for Christmas” ……we might all be Jewish.

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