Dawn in the English Countryside



Sunrise in Shropshire on the 9th December 2015. Photographed by Anthony Sargeant from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. The English countryside presents endless ever changing scenes as the seasons come and go. This winter dawn is beautiful. It is an immense privilege to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

The hill on the horizon to the left of the photograph is called the Brown Clee. Much of the surrounding countryside is protected by being designated as being an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”.

The Old Man of Storr – Isle of Skye


Anthony Sargeant took this photograph on the Isle of Skye in in the summer of 2010. it shows the path leading up to the rock pinnacle, The Old Man of Storr. In the distance the Isle of Raasay can be seen and beyond that the Kyle of Lochalsh. it was a glorious summer’s day.


The second of the two photographs shows the pinnacle itself the size of which can be judged by the human figures at the base of it.


Antique Qajar Tile – Falconer and Companion



Despite having retired as an antique dealer Anthony Sargeant cannot resist ‘snapping up unconsidered trifles’. This small and damaged tile came with a great pile of  uninteresting bits of  brass and tourist ware and was uncatalogued in a provincial Shropshire auction. It is not enormously valuable but it is nevertheless very pleasing – despite being broken and reglued across the middle of the tile. The Qajar dynasty ruled in Iran in the 19th Century and this tile is typical of the period both in its palette and its form of relief figurative images.