Shropshire Countryside in January – the next day



The morning after a frost  (see previous post). Photographed from the bedroom of our Shropshire home at 11.19 on the 20th January 2016.

Shropshire Countryside on a January Afternoon



Yesterday afternoon this was the view of the Shropshire countryside as seen from our home. Photographed at 14.13 hr on the 19th January 2016. But with a clear sky a frost was certainly going to follow. See the next post.

British Art Pottery – Linthorpe Vase by Christopher Dresser




This small Linthorpe vase in the collection of Eileen and Anthony Sargeant has a wonderful quality of glaze and shape. It joins a large number of other British Art Pottery pieces in the collection. It is 6 inches tall.

My best friend underneath the arches at David Austin Roses



We are back in midsummer ! The gardens at David Austin Roses on the Staffordshire – Shropshire border . Tony Sargeant took this photograph of his best friend (don’t you love the retro 1950s dress?) .  So good to be reminded of the warmth of summer in the depths of winter.