Shropshire River Corve in flood – 7th Feb 2016



Not as bad as the previous photograph of the River Corve flooding in 2014 but after yesterday’s continuous heavy rain the water has made its way of the hills into the river and this is the result photographed by Anthony Sargeant at 9.00am this morning of the 7th February 2016.

The Shropshire River Corve in flood – March 2014



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph at 4.00 pm in March 2014 from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home. The River Corve normally a few metres in width had flooded across the meadows. With the constant rain of this day (6th February 2016) we are quite likely to see a repeat as the water moves down off the surrounding hills into the River Corve. It is good that the house is safely above the flood plain sitting as it does on a rocky outcrop.

The Outsider by Tony Sargeant


The Outsider

Always separated by longing to belong

from belonging itself.

Always seeking comfort in companionship,

Yet, by seeking,

blocking that internal path

that ought to lead thereto.

Always seeking,

thus never arriving.

Endlessly travelling

but never reaching

the longed for terminus

Wherein others seem to have dwelt all their lives,

or so it seems to the Outsider.

Always a long way off,

like the refrain of the Wandering Jew,

“Next year in Jerusalem”

“Next year”.

Anthony J Sargeant – 6th February 2016