Storm Katie caused heavy rain and this is the result



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire (UK) home this morning 28th March at 11.00am. During the night there was torrential rain on those “blue remembered hills” of AE Housman and this morning it finally worked its way down into the River Corve flooding the meadows below the house. Fortunately the house sits up on a rocky outcrop and is save from flooding.

Tony Sargeant includes this photograph as a tribute to the great David Wall


David Wall was a truly great dancer


IMG_2781 phptpshop 1  2 3IMG_2783

A wonderful tribute and celebration of the late David Wall – one of the great male dancers of the British Royal Ballet. Tony Sargeant photographed this bronze – it stands on the Thames embankment just upstream from Tate Britain. One remembers with delight seeing, in the 1970s,  Anthony Dowell, David Wall, and Michael Coleman dancing as Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio in Macmillans Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden – with Lynn Seymour as Juliet – a final scene to make you cry – well at least it made me cry.

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Dawn in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant



Dawn at 7.33am on the 21st March 2016 photographed from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home by Tony Sargeant. The trees are still bare but the first haze of green is appearing on the branches although there are still frosts on the ground after a clear night like this was.

Soon we will be have fresh English Asparagus


2015_0526reading0001 wonderful asparagus quiche with salad potatoes prepared with wild garlic leaves garnished with chive flowers

Anthony Sargeant is looking forward to the beginning of the Asparagus season – only a month or so to go. This meal was cooked last June using fresh local Asparagus and local ham in the Quiche – served here with potato salad to which wild garlic leaves have been added and a mixed green salad – and a garnish of purple chive flowers. Wild garlic grows in abundance along the lanes and byways of Shropshire around the house – it has a short season but it is free so why not use it (don’t pull up the bulbs though just cut the leaves and flowers – oh yes and a ps if it doesnt smell of mild garlic it is not wild garlic)

Shropshire landscape in early spring photographed by Tony Sargeant



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from his Shropshire (UK) home looking down the valley towards Wenlock Edge on the 5th March 2016. It is early spring but we hardly seem to have had a winter this year – but the snowdrops are out all around the house in the lanes and roads as well as the garden – no obvious leaves on the trees yet but the buds are there ready to burst into life.

Anthony J Sargeant recommends Hake as a very good eating fish


IMG_1937 crop

Silver Hake being held by Anthony Sargeant prior to filleting. Amazingly it is still not all that popular in the UK but greatly valued in France and Spain. It provides wonderful thick fillets and although the flesh seems quite soft when filleting it firms up wonderfully on cooking. In Tony Sargeant’s view the taste is superior to the ubiquitous UK preference for Cod. Not the most handsome fish in its whole state but wonderful to eat once prepared and still very cheap per portion – this whole fish cost just £12.

Antique Persian Rug in the Collection of Anthony Sargeant



This interesting and decorative rug was bought by Anthony Sargeant in auction in the Netherlands. It is is overall in good condition, lowish but evenly worn pile, and side cords and one end needs securing. In structure it is Baluch but the design shows influences of southern Persia – a very pleasing rug. Recently sold to a good friend for what was possibly cost price – but that is what you do for friends.