Obama,USA self interest, UK and the EU


Obama’s ill-judged intervention in the UK referendum will surely backfire. His comments were made reflecting the interests of the USA and are a wilful misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the undemocratic EU political project. At one point he made a comment saying that the USA wanted a EU led by a strong UK – this demonstrates no understanding of the reality. We will have no control of the future of the EU which will be dominated by the Eurozone countries. Furthermore the direction of the EU is currently determined by undemocratic unelected, backroom dealings between nation states many of which have governments which are variously corrupt, feckless, misogynistic, homophobic, and fascist leaning (in no particular order we are in an undemocratic club which includes Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia etc – each one of which has an equal vote to the UK when it comes to treaty agreements). It is clearly arrant nonsense to think that the UK will play any serious ‘strong’ role in the future development of the EU. This comment alone demonstrates the self interest of the USA and the lack of caring or real understanding about anything other than their own (mis-)perceived self interest.

Everybody should remember that the USA is the country which, thinking it was in their own national interest, led the disastrous invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan killing many hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process and which led to the chaos that now prevails in those areas. Going further back to those with any memory we could point to Vietnam as another US ‘well-judged’ intervention in another country’s affairs – supposedly because it was in the national interest of the USA so to do. One cannot believe that the British should take any lessons from a lame-duck US president who wants to look after the mis-perceived interests of the USA and does not understand European politics.

Shropshire dawn



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home on the 4th April 2016 at around 6.30 am. The River Corve is swollen from the recent rains and can be seen wending its way through the water meadows below the house.

A Shropshire Dawn in April photographed by Anthony Sargeant



The trees are still without leaf silhouetted against the dawn sky in Shropshire (UK) – photographed by Tony Sargeant on the 11th April 2016. The sky was very pink at dawn but soon the clouds and mist swept into the valley bringing torrential rain in its wake.

Spring in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant


IMG_2981 crop

The 30th March 2016. It is late afternoon on a fine clear spring day and this is the view looking down the valley from the Shropshire (UK) home of Tony Sargeant. The trees are not yet in leaf but there is the faintest haze of green on them as the buds prepare to burst open.