Chive is flowering in the garden – the flowers make a wonderful garnish



IMG_3255 crop

Anthony J Sargeant uses chive flowers as a garnish on many dishes – it not only looks pretty but adds a onion flavour. Here the chopped chive stem has been sprinkled over a dish of cauliflower cheese  and flowers added in the centre along with the white flowers of wild garlic.

The EU Politburo – Anthony J Sargeant asks, “How many can you name?”


Harriet Harman a politician in the remain campaign was asked by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics television programme to name these men (all men note!) who run the EU.

She could not name one of them – but she is not alone – that failure is just symptomatic of the undemocratic and dysfunctional nature of the EU political project.

The great danger for the future is that the EU Superstate Project, if it continues on its present trajectory, will collapse into civil strife and war as nation states seek to reassert and control their national identities. There have been numerous attempts to create a European superstate since the Roman Empire itself collapsed – all ended in tears.

The United States of America only stayed ‘United’ after a long and very bloody civil war resulting from the differing economies of the northern industrialized states compared with the agricultural southern states.

One can see a similar and inevitable division opening up across Europe as poorer countries simply provide cheap migrant labour to industrialized countries like Germany while losing control of their own destinies (some of those economies are already effectively controlled or determined by the EU-Germany).

Far from a break-up of the EU Political Project leading to World War III, as David Cameron has ludicrously suggested, the much more likely scenario is that the undemocratic and dysfunctional EU Project which is already causing a resurgence of far right Nationalistic sentiments across European ‘States’, will lead to demands for secession, civil strife and war. How will the EU control and impose its will on a small poor state within the future ‘EU Nation’ if there are riots and demands for secession?

Will the EU, like the Soviet Union in its Eastern European Empire 1945-1989, seek to impose control by sending in the tanks?

EU referendum – Secret memo – The EU costs the UK billions because it cannot make good trade deals with the rest of the World


Anthony Sargeant notes this report by the The Daily Telegraph. In addition he notes that we still have no EU trade deals with massive global economies including the USA, China, or India – never mind South and Central America. Why not?


The UK is the 5th economy in the world we really do not need deals blocked by tiny EU states -many of which have governments which are either corrupt, feckless, neo-fascist, homophobic, racist or misogynistic – and sometimes a combination of two or more of these.


“A secret government memo today reveals how a trade war between European Union countries is damaging the British economy.

The damning Whitehall assessment – seen by the Telegraph – has found that France and other EU countries are hampering new “free-trade” deals because they want to protect their farmers from the extra competition.

David Cameron claims that the power of Brussels to negotiate these free-trade agreements with parts of the world such as the United States is a critical reason why Britain must not leave the EU.

But the memorandum suggests that Britain is losing out on £2.5 billion a year in potential trade as a result of the ongoing delays to a proposed deal between the EU and Latin America.

Under EU treaties, the UK cannot negotiate its own trade arrangements and has to wait until Brussels reaches agreements that are acceptable to all 28 member states, a process that often takes years to complete.

Details of the internal government document, written earlier this year, have come to light at a critical time in the referendum contest, as rival ministers clash in an increasingly bitter campaign over Britain’s future in Europe.

Dominic Raab, the justice minister who is campaigning to leave the EU at next month’s referendum, said: “The raw truth is that the EU hates genuinely free trade. That holds Britain back, costs us jobs, and keeps prices on the high street artificially high.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the debate, Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, warned that the long-term future of Britain’s car industry – which employs 200,000 people – would be put at risk by a vote for so-called Brexit.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Mr McLoughlin said he feared global motor manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan would choose to open new factories in rival countries if Britain pulled out of the EU’s single market trade zone, with its 500 million consumers.

There is “an unknown risk” that the “long-term future” of the UK’s highly successful motor industry could fall into decline, as happened with coal mining, he said.

Mr Cameron and other EU leaders, such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, are pushing for a range of new trade deals between Europe and other world trading blocs, including Latin America, Japan, Australia, and the United States.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, has warned that leaving the EU’s single market free-trade zone would be “catastrophic” for the British economy.

The secret Whitehall briefing found that one key initiative for a sweeping new “free-trade agreement” between Europe and five South American countries has run into trouble amid opposition from other EU countries.

The private memorandum was prepared for ministers ahead of the EU’s latest round of trade talks with Latin America. It said that 14 member states – half of the EU’s 28 members – are trying to limit the agreement because they fear their farmers will suffer from the increased competition.

These EU countries want to stop cheaper imports of beef and other farm products being allowed into the Europe from rivals including Brazil and Argentina.

Crucially, the Whitehall assessment said this kind of opposition to free-trade deals is growing across Europe.

It could even affect plans for a high-profile transatlantic trade deal between the EU and the United States, the report said.

It warned that France and other countries have been trying to water down the proposed agreement between Europe and five South American countries, the so-called “Mercosur” group – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The Government believes this deal would generate £2.5 billion a year for Britain by reducing tariffs and reforming quotas to open up trade between Europe and Latin America in beef, chicken, plant-based fuels, cars, medical drugs, and services such as banking.

Andrea Leadsom, the pro-Brexit energy minister, said: “The EU’s record at putting free trade deals in place is weak and getting worse.”

Priti Patel, the employment minister, said EU membership meant the British economy was being “tied to a sinking ship”.

She said: “Being a member of the EU has rendered us powerless to reach our own trade deals and these missed trading opportunities are costing our economy money, jobs and growth.” ”


Rape in Shropshire – fills the field in the Corvedale above the home of Anthony J Sargeant



Not yet in full flower but the rape is starting to brighten the fields above the home of Anthony J Sargeant in Shropshire. meanwhile the lambs and ewes in the fields around are noisy and enjoying the sunshine. May 2016. Rape is a relatively new crop but nevertheless appears across the nation – perhaps it is subsidised by the EU?

Red legged Partidges in the Shropshire Garden of Anthony J Sargeant



Two totally fearless Partidges landed in the Shropshire Garden of Anthony J Sargeant while he was mowing the lawn – despite the noise and movement they wandered around totally fearless. May 12th 2016

The EU will collapse in disarray as poor countries are squeezed by Brussels ’till the pips squeak’


Anthony J Sargeant comments : this is just a foretaste of the ‘United States of Europe’ civil war which could mirror that in the United States of America in 1861-65 in which economic differences led to over a million casualties.

The UK staying in the EU will not save Europe from this fate but add to the further consolidation of the differences between rich and poor across Europe leading to disaster. It is time to abandon the undemocratic and out of date EU political project and engage with the cultures and people of the wider world in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect and not prop up an inward looking “Fortress Europe”.



David Cameron is desperate -“World War Three will break out if we leave the EU”


The scare tactics of the remain campaign have reached new farcical and frankly insulting heights with David Cameron’s latest pronouncement suggesting that if we left the EU then World War III  would break out in Europe. In his speech he conjured up images of row upon row of white War Graves Commission headstones in France and elsewhere which would be added to as ‘brave British boys’ had to go to war to ‘save Europe’.  Along with images of the Panzer divisions which would once again roll across the frontiers occupying Greece and other recalcitrant countries who refused to toe the EU-Eurozone line on tax and austerity.

Actually of course Germany has already achieved what the the Kaiser and Hitler failed to do, which is to dominate and control most of the European continent in support of their economy which would struggle without foreign labour and without the moderating effect on the Euro of the desperate failed economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc.. If the Germans had to return to the Deutsche Mark they would find it difficult to sell their high quality but expensive Deutsche Mark priced exports in the world markets.

That aside one might also return to another of the oft cited images about the EU which is to point to the example of “The United” States of America. Imagining that somehow a disparate groups of countries with different languages and cultures will coalesce into the ‘United States of Europe’ – which is the ultimate destination aimed at by the EU political project.

In that imagined scenario there are two serious flaws. One is that far from being a liberal and embracing image it suggests an inward looking ‘Fortress Europe’: Whereas many liberal minded people would rather have a ‘world view’ that reached out to other cultures and countries across the globe in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. The second, and perhaps more frightening, flaw is that the United States only remained ‘United’ after a bloody Civil War (the root causes of which were economic – albeit related to slavery). In the American Civil War of 1861-65 there were over a million casualties. Far from the EU being a source of harmony and peace in Europe it is more probable that the deep economic divisions between the (necessary) perpetuation of rich and poor ‘states’ (because they would no longer be sovereign ‘countries’) in Europe would eventually erupt into some secessionist ‘civil war’ just as it did in the USA in 1861.


Anthony J Sargeant went foraging in Shropshire for wild garlic



Early yesterday morning Tony Sargeant went for a walk up a Shropshire country lane to collect wild garlic leaves for cooking from the hedgerow. It is just about to come into flower – you can see the white buds. It grows in profusion around his home favouring the edge of deciduous woodland with lots of leaf mould and shade.

David Cameron rubbished the Hillsborough Campaigners


Anthony J Sargeant reproduces a recent letter to The Independent which illustrates the total lack of judgment, honesty and consistency demonstrated by the current British Prime Minister David Cameron.

In passing one must note that the current Tory government has been forced to make so many U-turns that it is in danger of disappearing up …. (the latest in a long line has been the u-turn on the policy announced by George Osbourne in his omni-shambles of a budget to force all schools, including successful primary schools to become ‘academies’ with immediate effect).

But to return to the letter from Alex Orr of Edinburgh to The Independent, it reads:  “I noticed with interest the words of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who paid tribute to the “extraordinary courage” of Hillsborough campaigners in their “long search for the truth”.  This is quite confusing because in October 2011 Cameron said: “The families of the Hillsborough tragedy are a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn’t there”.   This cannot surely be the same person can it?


Shropshire sheep in the fields around the home of Anthony J Sargeant



Tony Sargeant took this photograph from the garden of his Shropshire home looking west down the Corvedale – the lambs are getting quite big in the field across the lane and lots more can be seen on the distant hillside.