The EU Politburo – Anthony J Sargeant asks, “How many can you name?”


Harriet Harman a politician in the remain campaign was asked by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics television programme to name these men (all men note!) who run the EU.

She could not name one of them – but she is not alone – that failure is just symptomatic of the undemocratic and dysfunctional nature of the EU political project.

The great danger for the future is that the EU Superstate Project, if it continues on its present trajectory, will collapse into civil strife and war as nation states seek to reassert and control their national identities. There have been numerous attempts to create a European superstate since the Roman Empire itself collapsed – all ended in tears.

The United States of America only stayed ‘United’ after a long and very bloody civil war resulting from the differing economies of the northern industrialized states compared with the agricultural southern states.

One can see a similar and inevitable division opening up across Europe as poorer countries simply provide cheap migrant labour to industrialized countries like Germany while losing control of their own destinies (some of those economies are already effectively controlled or determined by the EU-Germany).

Far from a break-up of the EU Political Project leading to World War III, as David Cameron has ludicrously suggested, the much more likely scenario is that the undemocratic and dysfunctional EU Project which is already causing a resurgence of far right Nationalistic sentiments across European ‘States’, will lead to demands for secession, civil strife and war. How will the EU control and impose its will on a small poor state within the future ‘EU Nation’ if there are riots and demands for secession?

Will the EU, like the Soviet Union in its Eastern European Empire 1945-1989, seek to impose control by sending in the tanks?


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