Brexit ‘A damn close run thing’ – comment by AnthonyJ Sargeant


The British defeated the creation of a European Superstate at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and The Duke of Wellington’s comment on being asked about it has usually been paraphrased as ‘a damn close run thing’, as indeed it was. Napoleon was defeated in 1815 just as have been so very many other proponents of a European Empire or Superstate ever since the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

In the Second War, The Battle of Britain is often seen as a important turning point: that was also ‘a damn close run thing’,  but, with a little luck, the British succeeded in surviving the onslaught of Nazi Germany as it stood alone.

And now once again we face an important moment in European history. The British will vote in a referendum on whether to continue to prop up the undemocratic and dysfunctional European political project which aspires to create yet another European Superstate, or have the courage to leave it and in so doing create a better more humane world that is not some Orwellian dystopia in which the ‘Proles’ are controlled by a privileged elite.

It is a leap in the dark – but better surely to take that leap and live with courage, conviction and truth and not submit to tyranny.

Anthony J Sargeant says that this should be read and considered by all those with a vote in the UK referendum


Anthony J Sargeant says that this should be read and considered by all those with a vote in the UK referendum on whether to leave or remain in a EU political project that does this to the developing world

Anthony J Sargeant asks,”Why do decent people want to remain in the EU?”


I am genuinely puzzled. I have friends who are intelligent, kind, caring and liberal minded and despite that some of them are certainly going to vote to ‘remain’ in the EU referendum. I cannot understand why they would want to remain in a European Union which is so dysfunctional and undemocratic. Of course some people who vote will do so out of fear about the economy and their jobs or because they think their summer holidays will be more expensive if we leave. But my liberal-minded friends seem to be doing so in the idealistic hope that we can work together with other European countries to form a new Utopian European Superstate. That commendable ideal seems on all of the available evidence to be the triumph of hope over experience, history, and the reality of our single vote out of the present 28 member states especially given the political, social and economic status of the many of the other 27. It is certainly the case that many other countries in the EU are either corrupt, feckless, misogynistic, racist, nationalistic, homophobic, neo-fascist and sometimes a combination of two or more of the above. It would be invidious to name individual countries because there are so many. These countries are hardly the sort of bed-fellows that my liberal minded friends would normally choose to sleep with. Yet they are prepared so to do in  a paroxysm of optimism, rather like the bride who thinks that the brutal boy-friend will change once they are married – only to end up in the refuge years later. Experience, history, and harsh reality does eventually triumph over unjustifiable hope but often it takes serious injury before a resolution is finally reached.

Rain Clouds and Sunshine in a Shropshire Garden



Heavy rain yesterday but with intermittent glimpses of the sun. Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph from under the horse Chestnut tree in the garden of his Shropshire home looking west down the valley of the River Corve. It was about 6.3o pm on 13th June 2016.