Who is the artist? Oil painting of a Fisherman



Anthony Sargeant would like any help in identifying the artist of this well executed and lively portrait. It is an unsigned oil painting that came in an old, probably late Victorian, frame (glazed with old glass). It has been relined many years ago and looks stylistically to be 19th Century. The ruler by the side is for scale is 30 cm long thus the painting measures 20 cm x 25 cm. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think the man is a wearing a sou’wester hence the ‘fisherman’ description. There are no marks or other identification on the canvas or frame.

Fresh crab is a wonderful fish dish



Anthony Sargeant bought this large live Cromer Crab from Pearce’s shellfish stall in Birmingham’s Bullring market. It is a large male crab hence large claw meat. Later prepared and the meat extracted and incorporated into a Rick Stein recipe in which the meat is gently mixed with melted butter and lemon juice with a touch of cayenne pepper, mustard and grated nutmeg.

John Dory – a superb fish according to Anthony J Sargeant



At first sight it might not be the prettiest of fish but it tastes wonderful according to Anthony J Sargeant. Sometimes called St Peter’s fish (the dark blob on the side supposedly representing the thumb print of St Peter) it is a serendipitous catch. This largish example (note the 30cm ruler at the top of the image) was bought at Birmingham Indoor Bullring market a couple of weeks ago. You need to take care when filleting since the spines are extremely sharp but with care the fillets come away very easily from the bone and there are no pin bones to extract. Simply pan fried the fillets are delicious.