Hake cooked by Anthony J Sargeant


IMG_2036 a favourite fish - Hake

Hake is a delicious fish which is greatly under-rated by the British but highly appreciated in Spain and France to which countries most of the Hake caught in British seas is destined to end up. It is better tasting in Tony Sargeant’s opinion than Cod which is of the same family. Here it was simply pan-fried and served with a white sauce, potato salad and fresh green leaves. The large Hake was bought whole (it is not a pretty fish!) from the Indoor Bullring Market in Birmingham (UK) and filleted into boneless portions some for cooking that day and the other portions for fast freezing for future meals (it freezes very well). Highly recommended.

Oil painting of a young girl – has the look of a Pre-Raphaelite



This small oil painting was bought recently by Anthony J Sargeant at auction there are losses to the paint especially at the top and on the left hand side in the hair, although the face is fine. It has the look of a Pre-Raphaelite painter but the canvas is unsigned. At some time in its lifetime it has been re-lined onto a new canvas possibly in the 1920s. If anybody looking at this post recognises either the sitter or artist Tony would love to hear from them.

August sunset in Shropshire


IMG_3565 crop

Anthony J Sargeant photographed this remarkable sunset from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home at 21.17 hr on the 2nd August 2016. The house lies in the beautiful Corvedale and here the sun is seen setting over the rising land to the west which forms the Wenlock Edge.