Arbroath Smokies and Potato Dauphinois


img_4474Arbroath Smokies are a superb Scottish delicacy says Anthony Sargeant. They are small haddock which have been hot smoked over hardwood chips thus they can be eaten without further cooking but here the meat is flaked from the bones and skin and incorporated in layers of potato dauphinois according to a recipe of Rick Stein’s […] […]

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Stowe in December 2016



Anthony Sargeant went for a walk around the grounds of Stowe on the 22nd December 2016 with his friend Trish. It was a beautiful clear crisp winter’s day and the magnificent Capability Brown grounds made for an invigorating walk. Here the view is back up towards the house but inside the deep HaHa.

Dinner on Christmas Day – Thinly sliced Smoked Venison


Anthony Sargeant cooked this very simple and modest meal for dinner on Christmas Day. The cherrywood smoked venison was cooked surrounded by garlic cloves sous vide at a low temperature and then finished in hot pan in cold-pressed rape-seed oil. After resting the individual venison portion of just 80g was thinly sliced and plated as […]

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Ancient Yew Tree on Wenlock Edge


This ancient Yew tree was photographed by Anthony Sargeant just off the foot path that runs along the top of Wenlock Edge in Shropshire, England. It has a diameter in excess of two metres and must have grown undisturbed in its remote location for hundreds if not thousands of years.

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Omelette Arnold Bennett on the plate



In a previous post by Anthony Sargeant there was a photograph of an omelette Arnold Bennett still in the pan having just been removed from the grill. A quarter of this thick luscious omelette with its flakes of Smoked Haddock and cream and Parmesan cheese topping is enough for one person. Here it is simply served with some spicy Macedonian peppers stuffed with ricotta cheese and capers and a simple salad. The recipe was a slight adaptation of one from Rick Stein’s excellent book ‘Seafood Lovers’ Guide’ (highly recommended). The great thing is that any portion not used keeps well in the refrigerator for a day or two and reheats very well in the microwave.

Salt Cod gratin



Anthony Sargeant had wondered what it was like to cook a great Portuguese delicacy dry salt cod. One can understand the reasons for preserving fish in this way (the dry salted cod can be stored without a refrigerator for many months). It needs prolonged soaking and rinsing to rehydrate it before cooking. In this case flaked and mixed with potato and cream and topped as a gratin. On balance given the preparation time required and indeed the cost Tony thought that the same dish with Arbroath Smokies (a great Scottish product) or simple naturally smoked haddock superior, but admits that he may have been his inexperience in dealing with the salt cod.

Omelette Arnold Bennett – piping hot and ready to serve


Anthony Sargeant cooked this omelette a few nights ago for supper using a recipe adapted from Rick Stein’s useful book ‘Sea Food Lovers’ Guide’. Finished under a very hot grill this is a very simple dish to make. Naturally smoked haddock is poached in milk and then flaked when cool enough to handle removing any […]

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Scottish loch on the journey to Ullapool


This shimmering scene was photographed by Anthony Sargeant on the way to Ullapool in 1976. I shows the beauty of the Scottish Highlands as well as any photograph can. the shimmering clear water of the loch and the wind sculpted pines on the islet.

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