Homemade Pizza – easy to make and delicious — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant


Anthony J Sargeant made this pizza at home – good crisp crust and topping of own choosing – good fast ‘street’ food.

via Homemade Pizza – easy to make and delicious — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

Shropshire lane close to home photographed by Anthony Sargeant on an early morning bicycle ride



The narrow lanes around our Shropshire home are always very quiet but early on a Sunday morning there are only the rabbits for company. This photograph was taken on Sunday 9th July at 5.22am.

Giuseppe Mazzolini – 19th century Oil on Canvas in the collection of Anthony J Sargeant



Tony Sargeant bought this many years ago in a provincial auction. In an ornate carved giltwood frame it was titled – “Cherubs playing in a landscape”. It amused at the time – But What is going on? Thinking now of de-acquisitioning – perhaps through Bonhams.

Cats – who understands them?


Perched on the back of the sofa and looking very furry – this is Shorty. An ‘inheritance’ of Anthony J Sargeant from his daughter when she moved out from the family home into a flat and could not take ‘her’ pet with her. Thanks for that Lucy! But other parents will recognise the syndrome and sympathize.

via ‘Shorty’ the cat who condescends to live in the home of Anthony J Sargeant — tonysargeantshropshire