Asparagus season in England



Supper prepared by Anthony J Sargeant in April 2018. English Asparagus with sliced chicken breast, wing and crispy skin with new potatoes. Asparagus is in season and fresh straight from the fields it is so much better than imported asparagus flown from around the world all year long.

Cauliflower Cheese with Chilli, shards of thin Bacon, and Broccoli florets and stems



A very tasty supper for Anthony J Sargeant. The ‘anchor’ of the dish of course was the cauliflower cheese (with just a hint of chilli to liven it up), but then topped with thin streaky bacon rashers and served with the freshness of Broccoli florets (but more important still wonderful stem sections.

Hor d’oeuvres ? or Tapas ? – or just a little snack ?



A lunch time snack prepared by Anthony J Sargeant: Manchego cheese, and Chorizo sausage thinly sliced some cold cooked wild sea trout pieces (right of plate), a few olives and tomato segments, and houmos with an oat cake. Oh yes and in the centre two Polish Potato dumplings with cheese filling (Pierogo Ruski).

Chicken in a Tarragon sauce for supper



Supper last night, 5th March 2018, for Anthony J Sargeant was chicken breasts in a white tarragon sauce with a few vegetables. It was quite successful – the sauce was very pleasing though the chicken itself, although free range and carefully cooked was less successful (possibly a little over-cooked) – but then the vegetables were good especially the sweet buttery carrots.

Cold Sirloin Steak in thin slices with pan fried tomatoes and crispy double fried chips


thin cut cold sirloin steak with roasted tomatoes and crispy chips

Anthony J Sargeant had cooked and eaten most of this thick sirloin steak the night before. This meal was the ‘leftovers’ the end piece of the 3 cm thick steak sliced vertically and very thinly into mouthful sized pieces. Served very simply with a few new potatoes and salad.

Beef and Kidney Pudding – plated and ready to eat (see previous post)



Nothing unduly ‘cheffy’ or fine dining about this meal – but Anthony J Sargeant recommends it as delicious honest food for a cold winter night in Britain. The portion of the pudding is one sixth of the cooked pudding shown in the previous post and you can see the luscious juices generated by the long steaming process. It is served here with green cabbage and potato and celeriac mash.

Beef and Kidney Suet Pudding is what you need on a chilly winter’s evening



The last time Anthony J Sargeant had this for supper was at Christmas. But it is delightful at any time in the winter months (it is now February and quite chilly). It is a very traditional English dish in which the suet pastry case is filled with ox kidney pieces, a few mushrooms and cubes of beef (skirt or shin – cheap cuts which render down with the long steaming process) – the result is a luscious rich filling and if the thickness of the suet case is judged well it holds together when tipped out onto a dinner plate as shown here. The bowl this was prepared in was 1 litre capacity which is enough for 6 servings. (see the next post for an image of a typical serving)

Not every meal has to be fine dining!


fried egg, chips baked beans and sausage

Sometimes one needs simple comfort food – as here fried eggs, baked beans, sausage, and crispy chips cooked on a cold January night by Anthony J Sargeant.

Alright the plate might be a bit of ‘fine dining’ (Royal Copenhagen handpainted blue and white porcelain) but the food is simple, nourishing and most of all comforting.

Homemade Fish and Chip Supper


fish and chips battered hake,scallops and chips

Battered hake fillets and scallops with chips cooked by Anthony J Sargeant – each element was good – but much too much – hard to fight through so much battered protein – in retrospect one should have stopped at the scallops with a few chips. Better to leave the table thinking one would like some more than the feeling, no matter how good the food, that it has been hard work to get to the end of the meal.

Do you really want to eat Turkey for Christmas Dinner?


steak and kidney pudding Christmas Day Dinner 2017

Christmas Dinner 2017 in the Shropshire, England, home of Anthony J Sargeant was wonderful home made steak and kidney pudding served with mashed potato and brussels sprouts. A very simple meal really but also very traditional. The suet pudding needs steaming for 5 to 6 hours but otherwise it is straightforward. It uses cheap cuts of meat, beef skirt or shin cut into chunks, and ox kidney and a little cold water. Here it is plated and ready to serve.