So important to get absolutely fresh mackerel. Anthony Sargeant bought a sparkling fresh mackerel from the Fish stall in Shrewsbury Market which he highly recommends. This is one side of a good size fish filleted and split into two pieces to remove the pin bones that run down the centre of each side. it is served on a home made salsa with a green salad and a few pieces of potato salad.

via Sparkling Fresh Mackerel filleted and pan-fried by Anthony Sargeant — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Haggis ready for slicing on Burn’s Night – January 25th 2017


Anthony J Sargeant bought this haggis from the wonderful Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire – here it is ready for slicing onto plates along with the traditional accompaniments of mashed swede and potato – This is a peasant dish.

via Haggis cooked and ready for slicing on Burn’s Night – 25th January 2017 — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

Scottish loch on the journey to Ullapool


This shimmering scene was photographed by Anthony Sargeant on the way to Ullapool in 1976. I shows the beauty of the Scottish Highlands as well as any photograph can. the shimmering clear water of the loch and the wind sculpted pines on the islet.

via Scottish loch on the journey to Ullapool