Giuseppe Mazzolini – 19th century Oil on Canvas in the collection of Anthony J Sargeant



Tony Sargeant bought this many years ago in a provincial auction. In an ornate carved giltwood frame it was titled – “Cherubs playing in a landscape”. It amused at the time – But What is going on? Thinking now of de-acquisitioning – perhaps through Bonhams.

Anthony J Sargeant bought this etching at Sotheby’s in the 1980’s


IMG_5225 crop

‘In a Rose Garden’ was painted by Sir Laurence Alma-Tadema (signed Bottom Left in pencil) and the etching made by Leopold Lowenstein (signed bottom right). It was bought in its original frame from the Conduit Street, London sale rooms of Sotheby’s by Anthony Sargeant. The image measures 34 x 45 cm.

Oil painting of a young girl – has the look of a Pre-Raphaelite



This small oil painting was bought recently by Anthony J Sargeant at auction there are losses to the paint especially at the top and on the left hand side in the hair, although the face is fine. It has the look of a Pre-Raphaelite painter but the canvas is unsigned. At some time in its lifetime it has been re-lined onto a new canvas possibly in the 1920s. If anybody looking at this post recognises either the sitter or artist Tony would love to hear from them.

Who is the artist? Oil painting of a Fisherman



Anthony Sargeant would like any help in identifying the artist of this well executed and lively portrait. It is an unsigned oil painting that came in an old, probably late Victorian, frame (glazed with old glass). It has been relined many years ago and looks stylistically to be 19th Century. The ruler by the side is for scale is 30 cm long thus the painting measures 20 cm x 25 cm. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think the man is a wearing a sou’wester hence the ‘fisherman’ description. There are no marks or other identification on the canvas or frame.

Coleham Pumping Station, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


This restored Victorian pumping station is very impressive. We visited last Sunday on one of its open days when the massive steam driven beam engine was working. It will next be open Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2015. For more details see :

The steam driven beam engine

The steam driven beam engine

Art Nouveau Silk Banner for Christ Church Schools, Chelsea


Art Nouveau Silk Banner for Christ Church Schools, Chelsea

A superb silk banner in the antique textile collection of Anthony Sargeant. Tony bought this at auction in Cheshire some years ago and wonders if any member of the congregation of Christ Church Chelsea is interested in repatriating it.