A lightweight silk coat manufactured from a damaged sari


A friend of Anthony Sargeant made herself this lightweight silk coat from a damaged sari.


Sensational colours in this silk coat with the borders incorporated into the design. Trish looked wonderful when she wore this for her daughter’s recent wedding.


Slices of mutton – served with braised Little Gem lettuce, roast shallots, small onions and crisp baked potatoes


Rack of mutton de-boned after cooking and sliced - with braised lettle gem lettuce and roast potatoes

Anthony Sargeant cooked this for supper (see immediate previous post) – the mutton was taken from a rack which was deboned and sliced – the mutton has a more intense flavour than lamb and carefully cooked it can be served pink with well cooked fat on the outside.

Shropshire Rack of Mutton cooked by Anthony Sargeant


rack of mutton resting

Mutton has a more intense flavour than the simple sweetness of lamb. Anthony Sargeant bought this mutton from Ludlow Food Centre. Here it is resting for 10 minutes before being deboned and sliced. It is still unusual to find mutton in British shops but it is very special and well worth finding a source – Highly recommended.

Woman’s Head (Collotype) by Felix Henri Bracquemond (1833-1914)



In the collection of Anthony J Sargeant this collotype was published by L’Estampe Moderne in the period 1897-1899. It was included in one of a series of 24 monthly instalments each comprised of four original lithographs. Bracquemond was a French painter and etcher who played a key role in the revival of print making. The image as shown measures 21 by 29 cm. The image is mounted onto a sheet the bottom corner of which bears the blind stamp of L’Estampe Moderne – a womans head in profile.

Looks delicious though there seems quite a lot of food on the plate


Anthony Sargeant prepared this supper last weekend: slices of boned chicken leg were stuffed with wild garlic butter and served with with sauteed new potatoes and crispy chicken skin on leeks.

via Boned and stuffed chicken legs — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Spatchcocked Poussin on a bed of Sweetheart Cabbage with Roast Potatoes


spatchcocked Poussin

Anthony Sargeant prepared and cooked this Poussin (small young chicken) then divided it into two portions. It is worth the effort of removing the backbone and rib cage leaving just the leg and wing bones in the portion served up.