Do you really want to eat Turkey for Christmas Dinner?


steak and kidney pudding Christmas Day Dinner 2017

Christmas Dinner 2017 in the Shropshire, England, home of Anthony J Sargeant was wonderful home made steak and kidney pudding served with mashed potato and brussels sprouts. A very simple meal really but also very traditional. The suet pudding needs steaming for 5 to 6 hours but otherwise it is straightforward. It uses cheap cuts of meat, beef skirt or shin cut into chunks, and ox kidney and a little cold water. Here it is plated and ready to serve.


Freshly prepared lobster – Anthony J Sargeant prepared this for Christmas eve Dinner



The lobster was split by Tony Sargeant and the meat extracted from the tail and head. The half shells are kept to reincorporate the meat later. The claws are cracked so that the meat can be extracted in one piece and gently warmed in butter and lemon juice and served separately. All of the other meat in the legs and lower segments of the claws was extracted and re-incorporated into the main dish served in the half shells.

Wonderful Lobster – perfectly cooked ready for preparation by Anthony J Sargeant for Christmas Eve Dinner



Supper for two and used as the basis for that classic, Lobster Thermidor. See following posts. BUT you need to start with a carefully boiled lobster – ideally if should be slightly undercooked to allow for reheating. In the following post the preparations is shown.

Wild Cornish Sea Bream – the basis of Boxing day Dinner cooked by Anthony Sargeant


This wonderful fresh wild Sea Bream from Cornwall was bought by Anthony J Sargeant from Barkworths Fishmonger in the Indoor Market at Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England. Cooked by Tony for Boxing day Dinner (no recycled turkey in his home – indeed no turkey!)wild cornish sea bream 3

The size can be judged by the fish filleting knife at the top of the image. Tony filleted it to yield six good sized portions. and it was fabulous – firm and flavoursome when pan-fried.

Shropshire Rack of Mutton cooked by Anthony Sargeant


rack of mutton resting

Mutton has a more intense flavour than the simple sweetness of lamb. Anthony Sargeant bought this mutton from Ludlow Food Centre. Here it is resting for 10 minutes before being deboned and sliced. It is still unusual to find mutton in British shops but it is very special and well worth finding a source – Highly recommended.

Looks delicious though there seems quite a lot of food on the plate


Anthony Sargeant prepared this supper last weekend: slices of boned chicken leg were stuffed with wild garlic butter and served with with sauteed new potatoes and crispy chicken skin on leeks.

via Boned and stuffed chicken legs — Tony Anthony J Sargeant