Cauliflower Cheese with Chilli, shards of thin Bacon, and Broccoli florets and stems



A very tasty supper for Anthony J Sargeant. The ‘anchor’ of the dish of course was the cauliflower cheese (with just a hint of chilli to liven it up), but then topped with thin streaky bacon rashers and served with the freshness of Broccoli florets (but more important still wonderful stem sections.


Cold Sirloin Steak in thin slices with pan fried tomatoes and crispy double fried chips


thin cut cold sirloin steak with roasted tomatoes and crispy chips

Anthony J Sargeant had cooked and eaten most of this thick sirloin steak the night before. This meal was the ‘leftovers’ the end piece of the 3 cm thick steak sliced vertically and very thinly into mouthful sized pieces. Served very simply with a few new potatoes and salad.

Beef and Kidney Pudding – plated and ready to eat (see previous post)



Nothing unduly ‘cheffy’ or fine dining about this meal – but Anthony J Sargeant recommends it as delicious honest food for a cold winter night in Britain. The portion of the pudding is one sixth of the cooked pudding shown in the previous post and you can see the luscious juices generated by the long steaming process. It is served here with green cabbage and potato and celeriac mash.

Not every meal has to be fine dining!


fried egg, chips baked beans and sausage

Sometimes one needs simple comfort food – as here fried eggs, baked beans, sausage, and crispy chips cooked on a cold January night by Anthony J Sargeant.

Alright the plate might be a bit of ‘fine dining’ (Royal Copenhagen handpainted blue and white porcelain) but the food is simple, nourishing and most of all comforting.

Steak and Kidney Pudding – nothing quite like it in the cold winter months



Anthony Sargeant recommends making this classic British dish in the cold winter months. Here sitting on a Dinner plate having been turned out from the bowl in which it was steamed for 5 hours – ready to be portioned and served with sweet cabbage and potatoes.

Shropshire Rack of Mutton cooked by Anthony Sargeant


rack of mutton resting

Mutton has a more intense flavour than the simple sweetness of lamb. Anthony Sargeant bought this mutton from Ludlow Food Centre. Here it is resting for 10 minutes before being deboned and sliced. It is still unusual to find mutton in British shops but it is very special and well worth finding a source – Highly recommended.