‘Season of Mists and Mellow fruitfulness’ in Shropshire



Anthony Sargeant took this photograph of an autumn sunrise from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home at 6.39am on the 28th September 2017. The glories of the ever changing English Countryside never cease to delight.


Shropshire woodland in Spring carpeted with Lesser Celandine


Anthony Sargeant went to pick Wild Garlic along the Shropshire lane close to his home and found this woodland carpeted with the yellow star-like flowers of Lesser Celandine. A magical scene

via Shropshire woods carpeted with Lesser Celandine — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Grape Hyacinths in my Shropshire garden



In a corner of his Shropshire Garden, Anthony Sargeant photographed this clump of Grape Hyacinths clustered above an old stone boundary wall. (Easter Saturday – April 15th 2017) it was a fine spring day with cool breezes freshening the mind. The garden is punctuated with many bright spots of colour with Forget-me-nots and late daffodils as well as early tulips.

Wild Garlic just coming into flower



Wild Garlic (Allium Ursinium) grows in great profusion around the wooded lanes close to the Shropshire, England, home of Anthony Sargeant. In sunny spots it is already flowering but in the shade of the stone wall it is still only in leaf. It is a very useful plant for cooking (and makes excellent pesto. But best of all it is free! However if you do find some please cut in a way that ensures sustainability (you are allowed to cut the leaves – but it is illegal to dig up the bulbs). Just take a few leaves from each clump so that the bulbs can survive for next year.

Home cooked fish and chips – A favourite British meal



The evening meal last night (4th April 2017) was fish and chips. Anthony J Sargeant used John Dory fillets which he prepared by seasoning before dusting with rice flour (it helps the batter to stick) and then coating in a simple batter (flour with a little cayenne pepper and salt, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, all mixed together dry before adding ice cold sparkling water. Properly drained and put on kitchen towel under a low grill while the chips are being given their quick second cooking in the same oil keeps the batter crisp and light. It was served with a few peas and wild garlic pesto made a few days ago using wild garlic which grows in profusion along the wooded lanes where Tony lives in Shropshire.