Flooding in Shropshire – March 31st 2018



The previous post showed the same view from a bedroom window of the Shropshire, England, home of Anthony J Sargeant. That photograph showed the landscape following a heavy snowfall which saturated the land when it melted. Then there was heavy rain and the River Corve burst its banks flooding across the water meadows as shown in this photograph.


Snow in Shropshire – March 2018



Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home at about 18.00 hr on the 18th March 2018. Although the snow did not last long it was quite heavy and saturated the ground as it melted so that when it rained some days later the river burst its banks.

Snowdrops in Shropshire



Suddenly the snowdrops have burst into flower along the lanes and byways of Shropshire in England. Great drifts of them cloak every likely bank along the roads although this clump was photographed by Anthony J Sargeant in the garden of his Shropshire home on the 29th January 2018. There is a local story that there was a man who in the 19th Century, or early 20th used to roam the lanes in the area planting bulbs in the hedgerows.

Grape Hyacinths in my Shropshire garden



In a corner of his Shropshire Garden, Anthony Sargeant photographed this clump of Grape Hyacinths clustered above an old stone boundary wall. (Easter Saturday – April 15th 2017) it was a fine spring day with cool breezes freshening the mind. The garden is punctuated with many bright spots of colour with Forget-me-nots and late daffodils as well as early tulips.

Ewes and Lambs in Shropshire


Ewes and lambs photographed by Anthony Sargeant in the field next to his Shropshire (UK) home on Sunday 19th February 2017. Spring is rapidly approaching as the days get warmer and longer. In the hedgerows snowdrops are everywhere and the first primroses have appeared.

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