Winter Sunset and Moonrise in Shropshire – January 2018



Photographed by Anthony J Sargeant from the bedroom window of his Shropshire home at 4.20 pm in the afternoon of the 29th January 2018. The view is to the east with the sun low on the horizon behind the photographer only just catching the edge of the water meadows around the River Corve and the trees on the low escarpment beyond. The almost full moon is visible in the late afternoon sky.

Snowdrops in Shropshire



Suddenly the snowdrops have burst into flower along the lanes and byways of Shropshire in England. Great drifts of them cloak every likely bank along the roads although this clump was photographed by Anthony J Sargeant in the garden of his Shropshire home on the 29th January 2018. There is a local story that there was a man who in the 19th Century, or early 20th used to roam the lanes in the area planting bulbs in the hedgerows.

Dawn in Shropshire, England



Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph of the sunrise seen from a bedroom window of his Shropshire home at 7.48 hr on the 30th January 2018. Through the delicate winter tracery of the deciduous trees the sun is about to burst forth above the Brown Clee hill in the distance.

Winter Wonderland – 21st January 2018



Anthony J Sargeant took this photograph from a bedroom window of his Shropshire home looking east across the water meadows of the River Corve. Although the snow only lasted for a day it transformed the landscape for that brief period which was only the second snowfall of the winter thus far.

Steak and Kidney Pudding – nothing quite like it in the cold winter months



Anthony Sargeant recommends making this classic British dish in the cold winter months. Here sitting on a Dinner plate having been turned out from the bowl in which it was steamed for 5 hours – ready to be portioned and served with sweet cabbage and potatoes.

Snow in Shropshire – February 2017


It has been a mild winter with very little snow this year and not so many serious frosts as normal. Anthony Sargeant took this photograph from the bedroom window of his Shropshire, UK, home

via February Snow in Shropshire — Tony Anthony J Sargeant

Stowe in December 2016



Anthony Sargeant went for a walk around the grounds of Stowe on the 22nd December 2016 with his friend Trish. It was a beautiful clear crisp winter’s day and the magnificent Capability Brown grounds made for an invigorating walk. Here the view is back up towards the house but inside the deep HaHa.